toy museum imageHere at the toy museum we are passionate about our toys. Over the years we have worked in Toy industry seeing toys develop from concepts to products used in films and loved by many. One thing we have always loved about toy museums is the customer service they provide to both us a visitors but also the owners of the toys. When you go to visit a museum there is a few different things in particular that we look for. For example is the cafe good. A warm and comfy place where you can rest after walking around.

Another big factor is the staff that work there. Are they friendly and willing to help people? This is important as visitors can get lost or perhaps they are visiting the museum to see a specific toy and therefore need assistance to be guided in the right direction. Many museums do a good job of this by ensuring all there staff are well identified by using ID cards.  Wether that be a member of staff or a guide it is important they can be clearly identified. A further way this can be monitored is by use of a Inventry Visitor Management system that monitors who enters your business and not. This can be costly in some ways therefore another way is as follows.

Many museums order ID cards specifically. However more and more are investing in a ID card printer. This makes it more easier when new people in the museum start. The museum can just take a picture and then print the ID card for the new member of staff. If you are looking for a printer that is capable of plastic card printing then Lesar is a great company that can help you out on this front. I especially like the museums that go the extra mile and get lanyards that either match or are Personalised Lanyards . Again Lesar provide all accessories to ID cards and provide a super fast service.

A great example of a toy museum is the national toy farm toy museum in Iowa. This is a popular museum and has some great exhibitions that people from all over the world fly over to visit them. It is that well known that they have been linked to on wikipedia from the official toy museums page. You can see the a full history brief on toy museums at Wikipedia. Usually you will find out that museums are themed to a particular culture or time period. The museum in Iowa is a perfect example of this.